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31 mission trips and over 1400 patients

Welcome to Surgical Volunteers International
Surgical Volunteers International was formed in 2007. Since that time we have done 22 missions treating over 1000 children with clefts, burns and urological problems. We have offered surgical procedures and treatments in places like Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Colombia. Our teams work worldwide, from Guatemala to Vietnam, from Morocco to India.
          We also empower the local doctors by offering free training and education during our stay. The local doctors both observe and work hand in hand with our team. Making their doctors self-sufficient insures that whatever work we do continues after we are gone.
Dr Michael Peters In Memory of Dr Michael Peters We learned today of the loss of one of our most dedicated volunteers. Dr. Michael Peters passed away in his sleep at home over the weekend. Mike was always a welcome addition to our Surgical Missions. When you travel to developing countries to do surgery you need not only to have the required skills but also the judgment to do the appropriate procedure with the limited equipment and hospital support available. Mike was a master at both and he was able to do it with a calm and organized demeanor. Mike will also be missed for his wonderful sense of humor. Whenever a group of volunteers was gathered Mike was in the middle. His wit and sarcasm made travel delays, hotel problems, unidentifiable dinner entrees, and crazy bus rides more tolerable and in many ways part of the fun. Mike’s last trip was to Vietnam in April. You can see him in the mission photo from that trip report. Mike was a true friend of ours and he will certainly be missed Regards, The SVI Team

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