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Mission Trips Dos and Don’t
  1. Do prepare for long days.
  2. Do respect our hosts their culture and customs.
  3. Do not discuss salaries.
  4. Do bring some SMALL gifts for the people you are working with. $5.00 limit.
  5. Never give money to our hosts. Many times local staff will ask for money. SVI donates money to the hospital to compensate the staff for assisting us.
  6. Even if offered please do not accept offers to take you touring or shopping. The staff is trying to be nice but they have lives and with 15 of us it would be overwhelming if each of us asked or accepted such offers. Politely decline. Travel agent is available for such personal things.
  7. Do observe the CDC guidelines for the country we are in as far as shots and food precautions
  8. Do not give away or promise SVI supplies or equipment. If you do want to donate something to the hospital check with the mission coordinator.
  9. Do look at the tool box section of www.operationgivingback.org. They have links to all the country information that you will be visiting.
  10. Do pack your medication that you need in your carry on luggage along with a change of clothes.