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Children and young adults around the world are born with medical conditions that prevent them from living a healthy and productive life. Without access to proper care, many of these young men and women live in fear of struggling to find work, building valuable relationships and finding the medical attention they need to survive. We offer the following services to those in need, so they can truly live up to their potential.

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Surgical Volunteers International was formed in 2007 by Tom Flood. Since then, we have completed 56 surgical missions treating over 2500 people, most of whom are children, with various conditions such clefts, burns, and urological and gynecological problems. We offer surgical treatments worldwide in countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia, Morocco, and India . We make safety a high priority while delivering quality, effective care.

Surgical Volunteers International


Surgical Volunteers International

Surgical Missions

Surgical Volunteers International

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