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Since 2007, Surgical Volunteers International has treated women in Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, Columbia, Haiti, Mongolia, Brazil, India, Nicaragua and Cambodia. We have changed lives by providing women with general gynecology health assessments, exams, surgeries and education.

Women’s health is a severely underserved quality of wellness, as pregnancy and other gynaecological issues are the primary cause of death for women in developing countries. The lack of women’s health education means that nearly all women go through life without recognizing the risks that they are exposing themselves to. As women in these countries typically have less access to education and employment, their role often becomes caring for their families and their communities. Unfortunately, gynaecological issues directly limit their ability to do this, creating trauma not only for the women affected but also for their children, their families and their communities.

Types of Gynecological Problems

One of the most significant problems affecting the women of developing countries is maternal mortality. Many women die from childbirth, whether it be from direct complications or things like infections due to poor sanitary conditions. Without access to contraceptives, thousands of women are forced to perform illegal or otherwise unsafe abortions, putting themselves at enormous health risks in the process. STDs such as AIDs and HIV are also widespread in these populations, adding another complicated condition to the general unawareness of sexual hygiene. Additionally, some communities believe in female genital cutting, also called female circumcision, causing women to experience both immediate and long-term complications following these genital mutilation practices.

How We Help

Surgical Volunteers International helps by providing women’s health assessments, education and surgeries in underprivileged communities where women are deeply in-need of these services. Providing education to these women can help minimize the professional care they need, as their communities become better-equipped to manage their own gynaecological wellness moving forward. This education specifically reduces the threat of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, ensuring an invaluable benefit to women in these communities. Our surgeons provide life-changing procedures to help correct problems that women have developed from difficult births or pelvic prolapse. Overall, we help empower women and their communities by providing care that they would otherwise not have access to.

How You Can Help

Our efforts are made possible entirely thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers and our generous donors. If you’d like to join our mission, we welcome you to fill out a volunteer inquiry. If you are interested in providing a donation, please visit our online donate page.