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Changing lives forever

Current Mission

Introducing a life-changing partnership! Surgical Volunteers International, in collaboration with the Prescribing Life Foundation, the Sunrise 4 Hope Foundation, the Regional Medical Director and esteemed medical team of Colce Panama, is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of patients battling Stage 5 end stage renal disease. Through this remarkable initiative, we are proud to announce our generous donation of vital dialysis supplies aimed at aiding individuals with limited resources in accessing crucial treatment at Hospital Aquilino Tejeira in Penonome.

Uplifting Guaviare

Our team continues to assist the community in Guaviare, Colombia. We have partnered with the organizations: “Let them Smile Again”, “Prescribing Life” and the office of the Governor of Guaviare, Heydeer Palacio. This current campaign is focused on supporting the indigenous, orphans and less privileged youth. Through generous donations from sponsors we were able to provide much needed educational tools, tablet devices, tutoring, occupational therapy and bicycles allowing students to travel to school.