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Changing lives forever

Our Goal

Surgical Volunteers International is an organization of skilled medical professionals who volunteer to travel to developing countries and deliver quality surgical care. We are proud to serve children and young adults who live remote villages and ordinarily cannot receive the care they need.

Current Missions

We’re doing our part to support
front-line healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Missions

Stay up-to-date with our upcoming missions and get a head start on gathering resources.

Past Missions

Our past missions to Mansura, Egypt and Cambodia resulted in more than 100 life-changing surgeries.

Mission Goals

Surgical Volunteers International is a nonprofit and donation-based organization that manages missions to underdeveloped countries and provide quality medical care to local communities. Most of our supplies are donated by our generous and dedicated partners, who volunteer their time and resources to help carry out our cause.

SVI empowers local medical professionals, including surgeons and nurses, by providing them with a unique training an well-rounded education. Our medical volunteers both observe and work hand-in-
hand with our team, enabling them to be more equipped to face challenges head-on and become a more dynamic member of the community.

We are also proud to be a unique resource for our local community by providing education through dental and preventive clinics and helping orphans through our Operation Backpack program.