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Burn Patients
Burn Patients

Vietnam Mission, 2012

This lady in her twenties had severe burns to the back of her legs which caused them to contract significantly and prevented her from standing or walking. She either had to crawl or be carried to get around. We were able to straighten out her legs and help her walk again.

Since 2010, Surgical Volunteers International has sent medical teams to countries such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam and Mansura, Egypt, to perform burn reconstruction. We have changed lives by performing over 300 procedures. This entails soft tissue reconstruction of the hands, upper and lower extremities, head, neck, trunk and groin. We also perform treatments for the release of deforming and debilitating burn scar contractures.

Over 70% of the world’s burns occur in low and middle-income countries. Although we may not think of burns as particularly debilitating injuries, the burden of burn injuries becomes much more severe in countries where people do not have access to optimal burn care. These countries lack the professionally trained staff, burn management treatments and safe and affordable surgical care. Without the proper care, people in lower to middle-income countries have much higher mortality rates associated with burns. Sadly, even those who do survive burn injuries are left with permanent disabilities and disfigurement, furthering their social and poverty disparity.

Types of Burns

The majority of burn injuries are fire-related and occur in the home. However, these populations are also at increased risk of scalding burns, electrical burns and chemical burns. The risks of these burns and their severity are responsible for making burns one of the leading causes of deaths in these lower to middle-income countries. Timely access to surgical care and anesthesia can greatly improve the chance of survival and successful treatment for patients, yet they remain massively underserved and underprivileged.

How We Help

Surgical Volunteers International helps by providing much-needed burn care and burn reconstruction surgery to patients around the world. Our team of volunteer surgeons and medical staff travels to underprivileged communities to treat patients who do not have access to these treatments. We have seen patients who are unable to walk because the severity of their burns had left them disabled, and have been able to restore this ability through burn reconstruction. We have helped countless patients improve their quality of life in situations where they would otherwise have no treatment options available. We continue to seek out and serve communities where we can make a difference.

How You Can Help

Our efforts are made possible entirely thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers and our generous donors. If you’d like to join our mission, we welcome you to fill out a volunteer inquiry. If you are interested in providing a donation, please visit our online donate page.

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