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Alumni Volunteers

All of our surgical volunteers are experts in the medical field who wish to make a difference with their skills and knowledge. We are proud to be a 100 percent volunteer-based organization and are grateful to have hosted a skilled team of medical specialists from around the world, from surgeons to surgical techs and administrators.

Dr Michael Seitz, DDS - USA
Young Kim, CRNA Anesthesia - USA
Rita Wangkhem, RN Operating Room Nurse - India
Van Dinh, RN Operating Room Nurse  - Vietnam
Dr Don Westheimer, Anesthesia - USA
Dr Michael Schafer, Surgery - USA
Dr Mohamed Sherbiny, MD Surgery - Egypt
Dr Mohamed Rashad, MD Surgery - Egypt
Dr Larry Hollier, MD Surgery - USA
Dr Robert Bibi, MD Surgery - USA
Dr Michael Peters, MD Surgery - USA
Nina Nguyen, CRNA Anesthesia - USA
Dr Heidi Jerome, Anesthesia - USA
Dr Sharad Ramdas, MD Surgeon - USA
John Vargese, Coordinator - USA
Peter Jerome, Gopher
Sheila Vital, RN - Haiti
Shirley Dieuveille, RN - Haiti
Wini Louisville, RN - Haiti
Tim Hanson, RN - USA,
Michele Hanson, RN - USA
Azita Madjiti, MD Plastic Surgeon - USA

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