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Hand Deformities and Rehabilitation

Hand Deformities and Rehabilitation

Since 2007, Surgical Volunteers International has treated pediatric patients in Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, Columbia, Haiti, Mongolia, Brazil, India, Nicaragua and Cambodia. We’ve been privileged to provide patients around the world with life-changing hand deformity surgeries, and continue to seek out and serve communities where we can make a difference. 

Hand deformities or malformations are fairly common congenital defects, affecting approximately 10% of children who are born with birth defects. Although the causes are not always clear, it is believed that children born in developing countries are at a higher risk due to a variety of unique environmental conditions. Regardless, hand deformities can be a debilitating condition, producing developmental issues, limitations on a person’s lifestyle as well as social isolation and self-consciousness. People affected by hand deformities may not be able to work or fully contribute to their communities, and certainly struggle with a lower quality of life.

Types of Hand Deformities

There are a number of conditions that can affect the hands, all of which Surgical Volunteers International strives to correct for affected patients. These conditions include:

  • Polydactyly
    • A condition where the child is born with more than five fingers on one hand. Some children may only develop tissue, while others may develop fully-functioning digits.
  • Syndactyly
    • One of the more common hand deformities, in which children are born with their fingers fused together. The fingers fail to separate in the womb, resulting in “webbed” fingers that may be fused together at varying levels.
  • Digital Duplications
    • A type of polydactyly where patients develop extra fully-functioning fingers.
  • Contractures
    • A condition where hand tissue tightens, curling the fingers in towards the palm of the hand, preventing the fingers from being able to extend properly.

How We Help

Surgical Volunteers International helps by providing reconstructive hand surgery procedures to underprivileged patients affected by hand deformities. By providing these life-changing treatments, patients are able to return to their communities with a greater ability to contribute and perform a variety of activities. Furthermore, patients achieve significant quality of life improvements as they enjoy a more “normal” appearance and have improved hand functionality to care for themselves and others. Without our intervention, many of these patients would never be able to receive the necessary care, and that is a need that we are proud to fulfill.

How You Can Help

Our efforts are made possible entirely thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers and our generous donors. If you’d like to join our mission, we welcome you to fill out a volunteer inquiry. If you are interested in providing a donation, please visit our online donate page.