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Urologic Procedures

Urologic Procedures

Since 2007, Surgical Volunteers International has treated children and adults in Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, Columbia, Haiti, Mongolia, Brazil, India, Nicaragua and Cambodia. We’ve been privileged to provide patients in underprivileged communities around the world with life-changing treatments. 

The majority of urologic conditions are treatable by surgery, but due to the low access to surgical care and facilities, patients in developing countries who develop these conditions remain largely untreated. In addition to negatively affecting the quality of life of those affected, these treatable urologic conditions, since often left untreated, contribute substantially to morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, medical professionals in developing countries often lack the surgical expertise needed to successfully perform urologic procedures, adding to the unavailability of urologic care.

Types of Urologic Conditions

The volunteers at Surgical Volunteers International strives to address many urologic conditions, and have previously treated conditions that include:

  • Epispadias
    • A condition where the urethra develops improperly and is exposed where it shouldn’t be, and may also include exposure of the bladder that needs to be closed.
  • Hypospadias
    • A condition where the urethra does not open on the head of the penis, and instead opens towards the scrotum.
  • Circumcision
    • A procedure that removes foreskin on the penis, and may help reduce the risk of STDs and other penile conditions.
  • Hydrocoele
    • A condition where fluid builds up around the testicles, causing the scrotum to swell.
  • Bladder deformities
    • Bladder deformities might cause blockage or enlargement of the bladder, which can be surgically corrected to restore bladder function.

How We Help

Surgical Volunteers International helps by providing a range of urologic surgeries to adults and children in underprivileged communities around the world. With our efforts, patients can receive much needed care in situations where the surgical expertise is not otherwise available or accessible. These treatments contribute not only to an improved quality of life, but to a decreased mortality rate as well. We are privileged to have the ability to provide the urologic care that these patients need, and continue to seek out and serve communities where we can make a difference.

How You Can Help

Our efforts are made possible entirely thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers and our generous donors. If you’d like to join our mission, we welcome you to fill out a volunteer inquiry. If you are interested in providing a donation, please visit our online donate page.